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Martin Shortt


When Martin Shortt Auctioneers  Mortgages & Insurance Brokers were established in the late 1980’s things were very different and the Celtic Tiger had not discovered Ireland or indeed the property boom of the last 8 years.

Over the last 20 years the Company has built up a network of 5 offices strategically located to provide the widest possible base of customers to purchase property in Cavan and Meath.

Initally Martin Shortt started with an office in Oldcastle, Co Meath to provide a one stop shop encompassing Property sales, Mortgage Finance, Independent Insurance Brokers, Life Assurance and Pensions which proved to be successful and it took the hassle  out of buying property and financing it for many customers over the years.

Martin Shortt has broadened the network of offices and branches are now open in Virginia, CavanTown, Santry Cross beside DublinAirport and the latest addition is a Northern Ireland Office at 65-67 Scotch St., Dungannon, Co Tyrone.

Martin is quick to point out that the staff are the most important asset the company has and they are trained, professional and dedicated people who treat the customer as king,  unlike the franchising state agency companies where each office is owned and run independently.   All of Martin Shortt offices work as a team together on each individual property on the books to achieve the best results.

The office at Santry Cross Dublin has been an enormous success for helping people relocate from the city to the country and the key to its success is finding a suitable property for the customer normally in Meath and Cavan and then taking care of the sale of the Dublin property and where a Mortgage  and Insurance is needed organising this end of the business as well.   The Dublin office is located on the M50 beside the airport at Santry Cross where the proposed new metro line runs by the front door and this is located at the gateway to Meath/Cavan N3, thus very convenient for the Dublin Market.

The Northern Ireland office completes the jigsaw as it is located at the opposite end of the N3 it is positioned in the Main Trading St in Dungannon which is at the end of the M1 Motorway  40 minutes from Belfast and strategically placed to cover all of Northern Ireland.   There is an enormous demand for investment property in the South for Northern Investors including Farms, Businesses, Development Land etc and Martin Shortt Auctioneers are now in a good position to capitalise on this niche market.

Similarly the list of Loan approved customers in Dublin looking for family homes in Meath/Cavan is growing steadily,  equally Martin Shortt can provide very attractive investments in Northern Ireland & Dublin for customers in  Meath & Cavan to  provide a strong investment opportunity over the next 5 to 10 years.

Where there is uncertainity in the news as to where the property prices are going with the increase in interest rates,  Martin Shortt is very confident that with the new motorway (M3) and interest rates in Northern Ireland still approx 2% higher and property prices escalating there and our host of natural attractions such as lakes, mountains, rivers and places of historic interest within commuting distance of Irelands capital city,  he feels that property prices in Meath/ Cavan still have a long way to go over the coming years.

Martin points out that with every investment whether its with the stock market (unless you were clever enough to buy Aer Lingus shares) government gilts, equities, cash on deposit,  property still provides an opportunity to build up a sound investment  over the medium to long term.   Property should be viewed as a medium to long term investment, however, investors who have being taking high risks in property over the past 5 years have become extremely wealthy in a very short period.   Most people have heard the phrase “connectivity” in relation to the new Dublin Metro and transport 21 and in relation to the property location there is nowhere better in Ireland with connectivity than Meath Cavan as you reach most parts of Ireland within a couple of hours whether it’s the North or Galway and you are currently just over an hour to the main airport, port , city etc.  therefore, when you couple the connectivity and the host of natural beauty there is nowhere better to invest in property.

Martin Shortt also has vast experience of Foreign Property and has researched almost all of the most favoured locations by the Irish and having done the research he would advise investors to be careful,  consideration must be given to stability of the Country,  economic growth,  ease of access,  tax situation, climate etc.   The purpose of the investment whether it’s a  holiday home,  looking for capital appreciation, a good yield and only then should a deposit be paid and a binding contract signed.   If you need any advice please feel free to contact Martin Shortt


Martin Shortt Auctioneers,  Mortgage and Insurance Brokers are one of the largest independent firms in Ireland and look forward to providing a first class service to new and existing customers,  they are very excited, challenged and confident that the new Northern Ireland Office will be of enormous benefit to property owners in the South and are looking forward to growing the business in the North.   We have a big demand from our Northern customers for Farms, Businesses and Investment property as well as family homes for our Dublin customers .   If you are thinking of selling we would welcome any property you have for our 2007 listings.   Martin Shortt would like to take this opportunity to thank all his hard working staff all the loyal customers over the past 20 years who have bought or sold property through us,  had their finance organised by us and all our valued insurance customers who have come for a quote  and transacted their business through us.

Martin and staff look forward to providing the best possible service to you the customer and this will be greatly enhanced with the addition of our new Northern Ireland office



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